• Our vision

    To be the best global partner of "Safe World"!

    Our mission

    Our experts use their knowledge, experience and expertise to constantly explore reliable solutions and control solutions in the "safe world" to ensure a bright future for us all.

    Our core values

    Integrity, integrity, trust, professionalism, customer first, work comfort, employees and the company grow together.

  • World-leading expertise

    Locally, regionally and globally, we provide our customers with world-class insights.These insights enable our experts to provide clients with practical advice based on practice, as well as predictive information.

    We are 100 percent independent and fair

    The Champions League testing body represents independence and impartiality.The unique legal framework of the Uefa Testing Body allows us to focus on enhancing the value that stakeholders bring.

    We add value to our customers' products and services

    We look at our customers' business operations as a whole and offer comprehensive solutions to optimize your business potential.Ensure that your business operates with the highest efficiency, maximum security, and highest quality by identifying areas for optimization.

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Add: Room 1092, No. 12. East of Houjie Avenue, Houjie, Dongguan, Guangdong, China

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